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The Course Materials


The coursebook defines key terms, presents relevant research, addresses common questions, and explores important concepts from three perspectives: the psychological, the social, and the theological. This reading, done in advance of group meetings, helps participants connect around the session’s topic using a shared framework and language.


The films elevate the voice of lived experience, emphasizing various aspects of the realities of living with mental health challenges. Mental health professionals, theologians, and church leaders contribute insights, helpful biblical integration, and ideas for community support. Participants watch the films together during group meetings. Note that films include content warnings; some participants may choose not to view certain films.

Discussion Guide

The discussion guides contain questions for your community to ponder together, along with opportunities for deeper reflection through art, poetry, prayers, and spiritual practices. 


  • 1. Mental Health

  • 2. Mental Illnesses

  • 3. Stigma

  • 4. Recovery

  • 5. Companionship

  • 6. Caregiving

  • 7. Self-Care

  • 8. Reflection

There are currently no classes scheduled at this time. Please check back or contact us for more information. 

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